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Keep it Green!

Keep it Green!

Members of Gateway to L.A. are working with the City of Los Angeles to increase their recycling, and forge a new, greener image for the area’s hotels, office buildings and airport-related businesses. By working together, Gateway members are endeavoring to increase the volume of recycling by area businesses, turn waste into revenues and enhance their image by being recognized as an environmentally-friendly place to do business.

The Gateway to L.A. is quickly earning a reputation as a “Green Zone.” Gateway has contracted with Full Circle Recycling to provide recycling services to Gateway member properties, providing cardboard recycling, CRV recycling, and office paper recovery. Each month, Gateway members recycle more than 10 tons of paper, cardboard, bottles and other recyclable materials. Gateway has also worked with SoCal Computer Recyclers to hold regular e-waste round-ups, where area businesses can safely dispose of computers and other electronics. These e-waste round-ups are an opportunity to save landfill space, keep ground water clean and create new products all at the same time.

Perhaps, the area’s greatest effort to “Keep It Green” is the consolidation of hotel shuttles. Begun in 2006 as a voluntary effort of nine Gateway-area hotels, the consolidated shuttle service provides a singular shuttle service for guests traveling to and from LAX instead of the individual hotel shuttles, which previously brought travelers to the airport. The shuttle, operated by Destination Shuttle Services, has significantly reduced trips into the airport’s Central Terminal Area and has resulted in a major reduction in vehicle emissions in and near the airport. The operation has resulted in an overall reduction in bus trips of more than 54%, which represents 95,000 miles a month of bus traffic eliminated from the airport area, while still transporting an average of 175,000 passengers per month.

Guests and tenants in the Gateway to L.A. area can rest easy knowing that Gateway continues to be at the forefront of going green.

A Business Case for Being Green"

Going green" might be a hot industry catch-phrase, but it's not always one that comes up when talking about improving the bottom line in a tough economy. But Julie A. Baylor, CHA; a professional hospitality consultant, says that companies can be both environmentally conscious and economically smart.

Many businesses in the hospitality industry already understand that they can go green and still stay in the black. By taking advantage of rebates and incentives, companies can positively impact their bottom lines, while energy savings, increased employee morale and the public relations bumps that come with going green are also bound to impact the budget in a good way.

That's why Gateway to L.A. is proud to share this presentation – "A Business Case for Being Green." In this PowerPoint presentation, Baylor makes clear the case for being environmentally responsible, not only in terms of protecting the planet but also in making a profit.